Statement of Intent to promote Equality and Diversity in all its activities

We, the BJC Cornwall Area, as agreed by all its constituent members clubs officers and committees declare we are committed to eliminating discrimination and valuing diversity in all of our activities; to treat all members and invitees equally and with dignity and respect; and oppose and challenge all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

As a properly constituted Area of the British Judo Council, we will strive: -

  • To promote fairness and equality through all our activities
  • To create and maintain safe and supportive environments
  • To inspire and motivate all our members to fully reach their potential

As this was agreed at the yudanshakai we wanted the whole area to vote on its content. A vote took place and was unanimous. 

Guidelines for the use of Social media sites for the BJC Cornwall Area:

It is accepted as good advice that all our members including clubs officers and committee members do not use social network sites to publish confidential information relating official business conducted by the Area or to abuse or criticize members including clubs officers and committee members. 

All members are reminded that posting comments on social networking sites is the same as writing it in a letter or saying it to the person referred or inferred to and can be accessed by many other interested parties. Such technology allows people to act spontaneously and say something they may possibly later regret. For the avoidance of doubt these guidelines acknowledge such postings are bound by the same laws and rules as all other forms of communication and publication and as such, breach those same laws and rules and may be considered serious enough to amount to bringing an individual a club the Area or the BJC into disrepute.

As this was agreed at the yudanshakai we wanted the whole area to vote on its content.

A vote took place and was unanimous.