Carn Brea Judo Club, a member of the British Judo Council (BJC), was established in 1974 by Tom and Jacky Gray. The club was run from Carn Brea Leisure Centre in Pool, Camborne, Cornwall for over 25 years but, decided to move in 1999 into its new premises at Roskear School Camborne, Cornwall. This came about after several unscheduled disruptive closures at the centre.

The club senior instructors are Sensei Jacky (7th Dan) and Sensei Tom (6th Dan) Gray who are still active in the club, and well known in both local and national judo circles. Jacky and Tom are also International referees. They are both also former students of Sensei John Couch (7th Dan) from St Ives Judo Club. To date the 46 year old club has produced an impressive 50 Dan grades and produced countless County, National and International champions. The club is justifiably proud of its history, its judoka and their achievements.

After moving to Roskear one of our very first students Janet Williams 4th Dan joined as a coach for the judo tots. Some while later student Shelia Ivey 2nd Dan became an assistant coach in the club, taking groups of beginners and those who wish to try judo for the very first time. Followed by another former students from the early years at Carn Brea Andrew James 3rd Dan. He now assists in the intermediate class along side Sensei Tom and coaches the higher graded juniors and seniors.

Tom and Jacky are also involved in organising the prestiges annual St Ives Easter Course held in St Ives Guildhall. This course which is nationally recognised attracts hundreds of judoka nationwide. Over the years we have had guest instructors from several different countries, many of whom have held Olympic and World championship titles.

We regularly see President Mr Robin Otani of the British Judo Council in attendance along with the Vice President, and many of the top BJC instructors and National squad coaches.

The BJC is recognised by members of the International Judo Federation, the British Olympic Association and the European Judo Union through the British Judo Association (BJA) to which the British Judo Council is affiliated.


Judo means the gentle way:-Ju gentle Do way.


Anyone interested in joining the club is encouraged to contact the club or just pop in to see us on a Tuesday evening from 4.45pm.