​​​​​​​Carn Brea Judo Club’s Child, Young and Vulnerable Persons Protection Policy

It is the policy of the Carn Brea Judo Club to ensure the protection and welfare of the child, young person or vulnerable persons involved in its activities, by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Carn Brea Judo Club accepts that the protection and welfare of children, and all matters concerning child protection, is to be placed above all other considerations. The club is fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of ALL its members, particularly children. Volunteers should, at all times, show respect and understanding for the right, safety and welfare of others and conduct themselves in a way which reflects the principles and policies of the British Judo Council. All adults working with children in the club, in whatever capacity, will be required to disclose any convictions, whether spent or not. All adults working with children in the club are required to be aware of the child protection issues, and be required to take the NSPCC Awareness Child Protection in Sports Units: keeping Children Safe in Sport. Anyone convicted or found committing an offence involving the abuse or causing harm to children will be immediately subject to disciplinary action, where the NSPCC will be notified, expulsion from membership and prohibition from the club and the British Judo Council. All adults and volunteers, existing or new, must complete a disclosure form, disclosing any previous convictions, including any spent convictions. These form are to be retained by the club and treated as confidential information. All adults and volunteers are to be inducted to the Clubs Child Protection Policy, on completion all adults and volunteers must sign a copy, indicating that they have received and understood it before being allowed to wok with young people. Copies to be retained by the club. All allegation, suspicious or discloser of abuse are to be referred immediately and directly to the club’s sensei’s, Tom and Jacky Gray (01209 712728). Carn Brea Judo Club has also passed a general risk assessment. More information about the Code of Behaviour or general risk assessment is available from the Child Protection Officer or club’s sensei’s.